Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Bottle wasmachine

Bottles are placed to this machine by hand, batch located and both inside and outside washed. In this machine, bottles will be washed twice by water and once by air. The machine could guarantee high pressure water column and compressed air jet into bottles precisely. Bottles will be first washed by normal clean water, then by pure water (Pure water will be stocked in a water tank and recycled), at last by compressed air which could blow droplet off the bottle and enhance the efficiency of bottle dry. Main parameter: Speed: 2000-4000bottles/hour

Chain motor power: 1.5kw (Panasonic inverter control speed)

Water pump power: 0.75kw*2set

Water pressure: 0.2-0.4MpaSize(L*W*H)

Suitable bottle: Diameter of bottle <80mmDiameter of bottle mouth >5mmHeight of bottle<200mmNote: For bottles of special shape and size, this machine should be used with customized mould.